About Us

FreeZone - this information space for suppliers and consumers of various goods and services.

It provides participants with a range of services to improve the efficiency of their business.

The advantages of working in the FreeZone for sellers is that every CEO, sales manager or sales, is always interested in expanding its customer base and increase sales. Advertising spent huge amount of money, there are numerous call-centers, but in the end the more the company sells, the more it spends extra money.

When working with FreeZone company receives a number of advantages:

- Saving money on an advertising campaign;

- Transparency and openness of the sales process;

- Fair competition, not price excludes methods of struggle;

- Equal rights for all providers of goods, works and services;

- Participation in the auction is possible from anywhere in the world, without leaving your computer.

Benefits of the portal for the customer are obvious. First, a virtual walk through it saves you real time. In one place, you can find all the necessary items. In addition, engaged in shopping buyer has the opportunity, at any time, access to information is open around the clock. The second advantage of the portal to the vast range of the most different goods. Each buyer, choosing a necessary thing, before the order can compare prices of different vendors and choose the best option. The third advantage - confidentiality. For many of today's important. Strolling through the electronic trading platform, the buyer is deprived of curious eyes of other people, how often it happens in real stores. And another advantage: availability. It is does not matter where you live. Make purchases convenient always, on the delivery of goods you negotiate directly with its vendor.

Secure online shopping

If you make the order through the FreeZone, negotiated with the supplier of the goods all the terms of the deal in advance. Note whether the delivery is included in the price of goods. Do not be amiss to get acquainted with other customers of the particular product supplier.

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