Conditions for sellers

Site FreeZone provides services under the conditions specified herein. Terms of Use may be changed without notice.

Using the resources, you agree to:

- The collection and use of your information and data specified in this Policy;

- The use of cookies;

- Receiving e-mail messages sent to you for the purposes of account management and receipt of electronic messages sent with the purpose to inform you about activities and special offers.

Description of services

The portal provides services that allow users to register and create accounts on the Portal. After registering on the portal user can access the section of the portal "My Account" in which he may publish information of his company:

- Contact information;

- Information about products and services offered by the company;

- Other information about the company;

Duties of the user

During registration the user is required to provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself as prompted in the registration form and in the forms section of the Portal "My Account", and keep this information up to date sostoyanii.V case of misreporting, the Administration Portal is entitled to suspend or cancel the registration of the user and to stop providing services.

The User agrees not to use the opportunity of the Portal for purposes which can be qualified as a violation of third party intellectual property, unfair competition, other violations of Ukrainian legislation. The User has no right to carry out actions that affect the normal operation of the Portal and are using it in bad faith.

Restrictions on the content

Administration of the Portal does not perform mandatory testing of information that is placed on the Portal users. Administration of the Portal shall not be liable for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions that were made during the registration or placing information and any tangible or intangible damages arising in connection with this .Administratsiya Portal is not responsible for the use of third party information posted on the Portal, including their reproduction and distribution, carried out in the framework of the Portal, and any other means possible. All content posted by users on the Portal information is considered the property of the users to place it. Portal users do not receive any rights to use the information posted by other users, and are fully responsible to the owner for information ёё misuse.

Diligent work with customers on the Portal.

All users (sellers) of the Portal are required to fulfill in good faith their obligations to customers, in particular users of the Portal shall: - promptly, but not later than within 3 working days to process the corresponding orders and handling customer regarding the product / service user information on which posted on the Portal; - timely inform consumers about the impossibility of delivery of the goods / services to the parties have agreed terms with the obligatory indication of the reasons and specifying the timing of its obligations to the buyer; - timely manner and to give a reasoned response to requests from customers complaints, claims and suggestions are related to the user on the Portal; - comply with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumers' Rights on the rights of buyers (consumers) on the acquisition of goods / services on the Portal. In particular, users of the portal are obliged at the request of the buyer within 14 (fourteen) calendar days, excluding the date of purchase to exchange non-food products appropriate quality for the same if the goods did not satisfy the buyer in the form, size, style, color, size or for other reasons not they can be used for other purposes, provided that the goods have not been used, and its trade dress, consumer properties, seals, labels, as well as the current document on the purchase of this product. If at the time of the exchange of similar goods that would satisfy the requirements of the buyer, no sale, the buyer has the right to purchase any other products from the range with an appropriate recalculation of the value of, or terminate the contract and get back the paid money for the goods, or to exchange goods on the same at the first receipt of the corresponding goods in sale.


Services on the Portal is provided "as is". Administration of the Portal does not guarantee the safety profile of the user and placed on the Portal user information.

The users pay packages of services administration ensures periodic saving (backup) of the information posted by users of the Portal.

Administration of the Portal is making every effort to save the information posted by users of paid packages, but does not guarantee its safety in case of force majeure.

Administration of the Portal does not check the posted information and is not responsible for the compliance of the information current legislation of Ukraine.

Sellers and buyers fully understand and agree that:

- Administration of the Portal does not guarantee the absence of errors and failures, including in respect of the software.

- Administration of the Portal will make every effort to resolve any faults and errors, if they occur, as soon as possible.

- Administration of the Portal does not guarantee that the service will meet the user's requirements and be uninterrupted or error-free.

- Administration of the Portal does not guarantee that the quality of goods and services purchased via the Portal will meet the expectations and / or customer requirements.

- Administration of the Portal does not guarantee that the goods, services or information ordered by a portal, portal users will be provided in accordance with the expectations of the buyer.

- When placing an order for goods and services via the Portal The Administration Portal recommends to pay attention to whether the user has the status of "Trusted Company", the presence of a full address and other contact information (phone, e-mail, skype).

- Administration of the Portal reserves the right to remove or block access to information posted by users of the pay packages without warning, in the case of:

obtaining binding decisions of the competent state bodies of Ukraine;

the requirements of the legal owner of copyright or related rights, to cease violations of his rights by the user in the Portal;

other violations of rights or legitimate interests of other users of the Portal, businesses and individuals in their reasoned treatment

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